You’ve just got a couple of moments to shield somebody from swiping left and close the deal as fast as fast as they arrived here. What’s more, in the event that you need to play the long game, you better pack an influential pitch.

But, rather than requesting somebody’s digits, you’re requesting their email address or attempting to inspire them to buy something from your shop.

It isn’t the place to compose a discourse. That is the thing that your landing page is for.

You should be smooth. Like, Purple Rain levels of smooth.

SEO services company in India has developed tactics to accentuate the worth of your web page. Or more all else, you require these four components.

1. Concise

A lot of people out there don’t understand the basic purpose of a landing page. It is not meant to portray your writing skills in an essay format. You need something that clear, concise and is full of purpose, and not something which is a 4-minute read. Always remember that in this world, nobody has the time to sit and read your content and then make a decision.

Thus make sure you create concise content on your landing will directly address your users needs and wants minus the bullshit.

Noteworthy examples can be of Shopify’s Facebook Page which has a simple CTA saying, “The online store for someday millionaires.”

What can be more precise than this and yet address the issues shoppers want to address.

2. Social Proof

These days people don’t just buy from you, because of your face value. You need social proof to demonstrate that you are actually who you claim to be. Otherwise, they will just take you as another seller from a no-one-knows-of town. Make sure you include testimonials of clients you have worked previously with as well as their logos on your website.

Not only will this promote trust, but your users and buyers will be more inclined to respect your opinion when they know that you have worked with big companies and brands.

3. Space

There is no shortage of marketers and online advertising experts these days who are always more than ready to tell you that negative space or in simple words empty space is just bad for business.

While the former statement is true, there are many great examples of designers and SEO services company in India who have used this to their advantage.

For example, just take a look at Adobe’s website. It is simple and utterly clutter free. The image on the screen is easy on the eyes and anyone who visits the websites sees what is needed and nothing else.

Thus the main goal of promoting a product is achieved all the while keeping clutter away.

4. Hero Images

If you have been in the marketing industry for long enough, you have surely heard of Hero Images. In the most basic terms, they are big bright images which are used to portray the list of an article or a post in one picture. Experts have regularly commented that Hero Images are the best representation of the phrase, a picture says a thousand words.

Whereas a lot of people tend to use images of coffee or something abstract on their landing pages, this is more often than not a bad idea. While humans are more prone to ignore the face of a coffee cup, they will surely not ignore the face of another fellow human being. Being social creatures, seeing the picture of a human on your landing page will increase their trust in you, thus increasing the chances of a purchase happening at the earliest.

Final thoughts

Making a great landing page which gives great results in terms of conversions is not a simple task. But taking inspiration from SEO services company in India you can surely implement the tips mentioned above for better results.

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