The other day one of the co-writers was struggling with newsletters. Our manager had delegated her the task of drafting a newsletter of our valuable clients. My colleague did not even know the ABCD of the newsletter. Designing a newsletter that comprised eye-catchy visuals, attention-seeking one-liners and exciting content was a great challenge for her. The whole idea behind the newsletter is piquing the interest of the recipients. She did her online research and found that several factors affect the content and presentation of the newsletter. Before I reveal you that, here’s a little secret that not all professionals are great at delivering an engaging newsletter. But don’t you worry! We can always find out a way. 

If you are fretted about how to avoid user’s unsubscription’ from your newsletter, here’s what you need to do:

Create Right Format: This is the first thing that you must consider before jumping onto the newsletter. There is no specific format of these professional emails. The format may greatly vary on the basis on platform type and content type. After identifying the format, search for specific customized elements. In addition to this, be careful about the words and language you choose. The language has to be easily relatable and understandable. Avoid using words that make the content complicated for a layman to read. There must be consistency throughout the newsletter. 

Know Your Audience: Drafting a newsletter without understanding the readers is not the right way to get started. Take your time and know the target segment. Update the subscribers about the latest deals, offers or exclusive discounts, or new arrivals through an enticing newsletter. Ensure that you are throwing customer attention in the right direction. 

Be a Storyteller: If you want to hook the reader till the last line of the newsletter, be a storyteller. Build characters from the audience, narrate a story and try to familiarize the audience with the company’s culture and ideologies. Facts and statistics get too boring at a point in time. The purpose of a newsletter is generating leads and this will not happen without arousing interest in your brand among the customers. 

On point Content: Every day, hundreds of emails make their way to your inbox. How many are you really bothered to open? Merely a few. Right? That’s even the case with customers. There is no point in promoting your products and services. Deliver content that passes on certain information to the customers. Rather than adding more words, try to add more value to the newsletter. 

So, aren’t you ready to prepare your first newsletter? Let’s get started. In case of any website-related assistance, connect with our team from e-commerce websites development company. Wish you all the luck. 

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